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NightHunters Wolfpack
Current Weather
Lunaria MoonValley



All of MoonValley is coated in a thick layer of white snow. Periodic snow showers continue to coat the landscape. Shallow parts of the lakes surface have frozen over!
NightHunters Wolfpack

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NightHunters Wolfpack
Pack Law

While we try to keep it light and fun, there are still rules and guidelines to the game. These rules are to be adhered to and respected by all users. Please be sure to read and understand all the listed rules and regulations before participating in either the OOC or IC channels. Ignorance is not an excuse. Failure to abide by terms provided will result in removal from the channels. If you have any questions, please ask a council member.


Age Limit
To roleplay in NightHunters or participate in Out of Character discussion you must be 18 years of age or older. In short, We are all going to hell. We curse, We drink, We joke about things that probably shouldn't be joked about. It's all in good fun. If you cannot take a joke, or have virgin eyes or ears this may not be the place for you. In rare instances we will permit underaged members.

Out of Character Content
While we are definitely not what you'd call tame, We are not a bunch of heathens either. Swearing like a sailor, using hate-speech, racial slurs or making any other player/user feel inferior will not be tolerated. This is not the place for discussion of politics or religion.

We are all adults with families, college, jobs ect. We understand that you may not be able to be super active all the time and will be understanding within reason. However, if you are only able to pop on once a month - you will not make it here. There are no minimums to activity, but if you are gone more often then you are here - you will be unable to maintain membership.

If you cause drama, we will kick you out. Easy as that. We know everyone will not always agree on everything and we all have a bad day but keep it civil. This is including but not limited to - Passing logs, Poaching, Harassment, Disrespect of any kind to members and guests alike. Any players found to be relaying information from one game to another with malicious intent will be removed.

All pack rules apply to visitors and guests during the duration of their stay within our packs chat. The rules are suppose to be read, understood and agreed upon before joining the channels. This includes both OOC and IC rules which may require subtle adjustments to characters to comply with our standards. You are in our home, respect our laws. Please read the whole pack law in full, not just this section.

We do reserve the right to rewrite, reword, add or remove rules, refuse assessment and/or remove a player from the pack at any time via majority council vote.


While we do not have a posting requirement, we do encourage detailed, elaborate and critical thinking when posting, Keep in mind WolfSpeak is frowned upon by most roleplayers so if we need to bust out a science book or thesaurus to read your post we will likely not want to reply to you. We require the use of the /me command, posts made in third-person using his/her statements, a minimum of 3 sentences but a maximum of 3 paragraphs so we do not keep others waiting.

GodModing Super-wolfing and power playing is not permitted. One player has absolutely no control over another players character except in the instance of the player leaving the roleplay without making an exit post, at which time you are permitted to say they fell asleep or walked away. You must always leave situations open ended for another to respond. Using words such as "attempted", "tried" or "hoped" leaves your post open for another character to act as they would. No wolves are completely resistant to injury or fault, accept that and it will add more realism and character to your wolf.

Semi-realism gives us the liberty to botch some time lapses and settings and grants in game freedom as far as cross species communication, talking to one another, extensive herblore knowledge ect. However, this is still primarily a realistic pack.

Everything occurs in real-time. 24 hours is equal to 1 day. That being said, all injuries and such heal in real time so if you have your character get injured, be prepared to serve the downtime associated with it. Liquid-time will sometimes be used at council discretion when needed for plots ect. As Lunaria is a fictional location, we losely base our weather/seasons off of the closest actual location being Halifax Nova Scotia in EST timezone. Seasons/Conditions can be found on our territory page.


We require natural sizes, fur/eye colors, no magic/powers/abilities and no unnatural features. So your wolf who has wings, spikes, pink fur with yellow polkadots, horns and spits fire from its nose will have to sit this one out. While we enjoy "interesting" characters, please keep it realistic. A blind, three-legged, deaf, one eared wolf would be dead in the wild. You must also be committed to any of these limitations you give your character and may not randomly decide you want them to be "fixed" This equally applies to your characters behavior. While its okay to have some spunk, they cannot be disrespectful or unpleasant on a regular basis. They must have a personality which is compatible with a pack environment. Please use the preset Character Sheet.

Any pup character NOT born into the pack must be a minimum of 2-5 months old, pending approval by the council. Character ages must cap out at 12 years. At that point you must dispose of the character by means of death or dispursal. Characters age in real time. It is important, especially for pup players to monitor their characters age and grow, develop and behave accordingly.

Each player may have 2 individual characters as long as both are played frequently. A third may be added in the event that you play a pup born into the pack. Roleplay between common player characters should be kept to a minimum. Any instances in which your characters exhcanted information or senarios should be kept behind the scensa nad actual character intereaction should be kept to a minimum to prevent one from roleplaying with themselves frequently.

Courtship/Mateships/Spirit Bonds
All bonds may not occur until after all characters involved are at least 1 year of age. Mateships and spiritbonds should be considered very carefully as these are strong bonds that are not typically annulled. Courtship is less serious. Consider it the wolf version of dating. Courtships may be entered and exited at any time without penalty.

Breeding may not be done out of season, is not permitted between two wolves who are not mates, are not recognized as mates by the pack, or those who are underage. All mating pairs must be at least 2 years (roughly) to breed. A female may no longer get pregnant after the age of 8 while males can continue to impregnate females throughout their lives. Pregnant females may not participate in hunts.

Parents are responsible for selecting a number of pups they wish to have after they are permitted to breed, a due date some 63 days (1-2 days of) after conception and recruiting players for the pups. Any pups without players at birth will be considered deceased. The fate of pups whos players become inactive are determined by the parents.

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Pack News

NightHunters Wolfpack 08.04.2019
For many moonths it was uneventful. The pack settled in and began to thrive. Toward the end of the summer months, a series of severe thunderstorms rocketed Lunaria. Floods at all the lower elevations were rampant. Moonhaven was sparred at the base of the Rakesh mountains. Other wolves on the island begin seeking refuge in Moonvalley.

Snow, Temperance and Elodie go on a hunt! A family of boar is targeted by the hotspring but escapes into the forest. The hunting party is able to follow the scents but the hunt failed. Redirecting their attention the three were able to take down a young caribou! Ren and Snow have dug out and prepped the packs cache near the river side.

The bot has gotten an overhaul - Check out the updated commands on the Bot Page!

Temperance, Arsene and Vexillian attempt to hunt a Young Moose. Sadly, the hunt was not successful.

The pack holds its very first Meeting! Meeting Log #1
OOC Discussion: Review of meeting etiquette/processs and attendance policy. Went over the current state and future of the forum/website and bot. New forum is live and updated character sheets must be filled out. Initiation is closed.
Promotions: Arsene and Temperance are made Alphas, Kazekeil is made Battalion, Elodie is made Keeper. Vexillian, Magnus, Nes'ryn, Snowand Nahele are made Packmembers.

Pack Website goes live!

Welcome Snow and Nes'Ryn!! IC: A hunt is held! Nahele, Nes'ryn, Kazekiel, Arsene and Ren target a Young Elk Arsene makes the final blow! Feast!

Nahele leads the group to MoonValley and the group settles in, claiming it as their new home!

The packs first hunt! Arsene, Zeke and Ren take on a boar. Zeke makes the killing blow! We welcome Vexillian as our newest packmate!

Zeke has caught up with the rest of the group.

The three decide to continue on over the thick ice sheet, leaving marks in the ice for Zeke to follow when he catches up! After a brutal venture across the ice- they arrive on Lunaria's western shore.

We welcome the pack bot Tsinga!

Zeke hangs back to ensure the group is not followed! The others make their way to the coast! Elodie digs a small den cave for them while Arsene and Ren search for food.

Channels are established and Character creation has begun!

The idea of NightHunters is planted in the minds of its founders.