NightHunters Wolfpack


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Year: 1
Initiation: -OPEN-

Updated as of: 04/07.2019

NightHunters Wolfpack
Current Weather
Lunaria MoonValley



All of MoonValley is coated in a thick layer of white snow. Periodic snow showers continue to coat the landscape. Shallow parts of the lakes surface have frozen over!
NightHunters Wolfpack

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NightHunters Wolfpack
NightHunters Wolfpack

This is not the kind of Pack you join and instantly obtain a rank of your choosing. Here, each wolf must pull his/her own weight and achieve the ranks that they hold in NightHunters by actively participating in day to day roleplay as well as pack activities. Each player, no matter their rank- is an important member of our group and plays a vital role in the pack from our highest ranking Council members to our newest Initiates.

*** All characters are the intellectual property of their players. Photos used to depict our characters are property of their respective photographers.


The hierarchy in NightHunters is broken down into 3 categories: Council, Ranked, and Unranked members. These catagories are based off of the characters age, status and job within the pack. Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up to the ranks of their choosing, beginning with their Initiation.
Meet The Pack


The Council is composed of the highest ranking wolves in the pack and out of character serve as moderators for Out Of Character content and are the ones responsible for determining who advances in ranks, what plots are proceeded with and all other means of pack decisions. The council ranks work together to come to conclusions and resolutions in the best interest of the pack as a whole.

Alpha(s) - Charged with the overall preservation and continuance of the pack, the Alpha(s) are jacks of all trades, Filling in the roles of low or underpopulated ranks and ensuring the protection and guidance of the pack as a whole. They are the ones that make the final determinations on pack politics.

Beta(s) - Trusted and loyal advisers to the Alpha(s), Beta(s) assist in dividing the responsibilities of the Alpha(s) by taking on the role as Second in Command. If an Alpha is not available, a Beta may take charge of a situation or resolve remedial issues within the pack.

None at this time

Elite(s) - The best of the best in their ranks, Elites train other wolves who take interest in their appointed positions as well as serve as the representative of their ranks in council meetings, ensuring the voice of the pack is heard.

None at this time

Ranked Members

The bulk of the pack is composed of its Ranked Members. These are wolves who are specifically assigned to tasks that ensure the health and safety of the pack as whole. Each Rank is specifically designed to allow its holder to play an active and pivotal role in the packs overall safety and survival.

Battalion(s) - Our fearless protectors are Battalions. These wolves are charged with the protection and defense of the pack. Battalions patrol near the border, ensuring that our territory is secure and free of threats.

Sentinel(s) - Long range scouts who venture beyond MoonValley and further out into Lunaria. These wolves are in charge of intercepting new wolves and reporting distant threats or changes to the wildlife or landscape to the Council.

None at this time

Balker(s) - Those who take on this hunterís Rank are charged with the never ending task of ensuring that the bellies of the pack never go empty. They organize and lead large scale hunts, maintain the cache and keep watch over the various pray sources.

None at this time

Keeper(s) - The health and wellbeing of the packs members falls on the shoulders of our pack Keeper(s). These wolves care for the sick, the injured, old and young. These kind-hearted wolves are specialists when it comes to herblore and are charged with the overall health of the packs members.

Un-Ranked Members

Those who wish to join NightHunters or are age-restricted on Ranks are placed in the category of Un-ranked wolves. They play their part by assisting Ranked wolves as needed to ensure all tasks are completed.

Pup(s)- Those under 1 year of age who were either born or initiated into the pack and are not yet old enough to take up rank of their own.

Packmember(s)- These wolves have completed their initiation into NightHunter membership. These wolves are either placed here due to not being active enough to maintain a rank or because the have not yet chosen a rank.

Initiate(s)- Prospective members of the pack. These wolves have committed themselves to exclusively trying out NightHunters to see if it is a good fit for them.



Those who frequent the MoonValley with their presence. While they are not officially members of the pack they are respected and honored guests of our family and are to be treated with respect.

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Pack News

NightHunters Wolfpack 08.04.2019
For many moonths it was uneventful. The pack settled in and began to thrive. Toward the end of the summer months, a series of severe thunderstorms rocketed Lunaria. Floods at all the lower elevations were rampant. Moonhaven was sparred at the base of the Rakesh mountains. Other wolves on the island begin seeking refuge in Moonvalley.

Snow, Temperance and Elodie go on a hunt! A family of boar is targeted by the hotspring but escapes into the forest. The hunting party is able to follow the scents but the hunt failed. Redirecting their attention the three were able to take down a young caribou! Ren and Snow have dug out and prepped the packs cache near the river side.

The bot has gotten an overhaul - Check out the updated commands on the Bot Page!

Temperance, Arsene and Vexillian attempt to hunt a Young Moose. Sadly, the hunt was not successful.

The pack holds its very first Meeting! Meeting Log #1
OOC Discussion: Review of meeting etiquette/processs and attendance policy. Went over the current state and future of the forum/website and bot. New forum is live and updated character sheets must be filled out. Initiation is closed.
Promotions: Arsene and Temperance are made Alphas, Kazekeil is made Battalion, Elodie is made Keeper. Vexillian, Magnus, Nes'ryn, Snowand Nahele are made Packmembers.

Pack Website goes live!

Welcome Snow and Nes'Ryn!! IC: A hunt is held! Nahele, Nes'ryn, Kazekiel, Arsene and Ren target a Young Elk Arsene makes the final blow! Feast!

Nahele leads the group to MoonValley and the group settles in, claiming it as their new home!

The packs first hunt! Arsene, Zeke and Ren take on a boar. Zeke makes the killing blow! We welcome Vexillian as our newest packmate!

Zeke has caught up with the rest of the group.

The three decide to continue on over the thick ice sheet, leaving marks in the ice for Zeke to follow when he catches up! After a brutal venture across the ice- they arrive on Lunaria's western shore.

We welcome the pack bot Tsinga!

Zeke hangs back to ensure the group is not followed! The others make their way to the coast! Elodie digs a small den cave for them while Arsene and Ren search for food.

Channels are established and Character creation has begun!

The idea of NightHunters is planted in the minds of its founders.