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NightHunters Wolfpack
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Lunaria MoonValley



All of MoonValley is coated in a thick layer of white snow. Periodic snow showers continue to coat the landscape. Shallow parts of the lakes surface have frozen over!
NightHunters Wolfpack

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NightHunters Wolfpack
Welcome to Lunaria

Out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sits a unique Isle, uninhabited by mankind. The isle is composed of one large mainland called lÚn Eilean a second, smaller island just off the cost dubbed lÚn SeÚmar and four smaller islets just off its coast. All are within reasonable swimming distance for a wolf but the rocky shorelines of each make the task a formidable one.

The isle is wild and untamed, lush with a variety of foliage from towering pines and ceder to a multitude of various herbs, fragrant flowers and other plants. With drastically variant geographical locations from forests and marshes, lowlands to mountain ridges, this vibrant landscape is abundant with a plethora of different animal species.

Pack Territory: MoonValley


The pack's territory is affectionately called MoonValley. One of the most iconic aspects of Lunaria, offering its wolves lush clearings to romp and play, and everything that could be desired is within reasonable distance. Lake Sinope is off to the side, with a borderline of mountain range sheltering the main clearing and giving it the feeling of a safe haven. Off to the Southwest is the beach, though younger pups are warned away due to waves that could pull them into the murky waters.

Lake Sinope

Vital to the pack and the other creatures calling the island home, for itís one of the largest bodies of fresh water. It is a popular hangout spot for many of the wolves, especially during the summer months. The crystalline waters offer a refreshing respite, but also houses fish for the wolves to catch, should they be quick enough!

Balken Forest

The main forestry is deep and lush, offering its critters safety and many hidden surprises. It covers almost the expanse of the pack territory, and itís a popular refuge for many wolves. Hunting, playing games like hide and seek, collecting herbs and exploring are all activities that can be done within the forest of the Island.


A popular hangout spot for the pack would be the Waterfall. This unique feature lies within the Moonvalley territory. A series of lava tubes had collapsed some many years ago - leaving a crator in the earth. Water flowing from Lake sinope filtered off to the Badru River and spilled into the crator. Decades of erosion carved this perfect little paradise of cascading water into shallow pools, which flow back into the Badru. This is generally where pups first learn how to behave around water, as it poses little threat.

Hot Springs

A unique feature that this pack boasts, is a hot spring! This medium sized pool is only deep enough for a tall wolf to barely touch their toes to the bottom and still keep their head above the surface. Naturally fed from underground water sources and warmed by large pools of magma deep below the earths crust - is a favorite place for those who need to warm up in the winter and provides a relaxing soak for the sick and injured among the pack.

Surrounding Landscape

Badru River

is the only other fresh water source on the island, and is often used for relaxation and fishing, as the overhanging tree canopies surrounding the river give off shade and shelter from the elements. The river stretches for miles, nearly sweeping across the entire Isle. After heavy rains, it can be a danger, though, due to flooding.


Being an Island, the most characteristic trait is of course the Beach, the shores covering the outer perimeter of the Islands and offer a unique view to the pack. While beautiful, it does pose its dangers. Sometimes the pack uses the sandy shoreline to hunt seals, or simply watch the sun set over the horizon. Itís a formidable place, though, and while gorgeous, a wolf could easily fall prey to the waves and be swept out to sea.The Shoreline is where majority of the seals the pack hunts are found, but the rough outcropping of rocks can be dangerous. The pack recommends only seasoned hunters approach this spot, and with caution. The ďDanger ZoneĒ is an area best left alone, for it comes with more dangers than any other area of the Lunaria. The waves crash roughly against the uneven stones, threatening to drag an unaware wolf to its death. Or, one false step, can be met with being plunged into icy waters with no way out.

Rakesh Mountain Range

shelters much of the valley with its unmoving presence, and though the wolves donít typically venture too far up the range, it inspires a feeling of awe.

The Geyser Fields

A desolate, barren area of the packlands that has restricted access to the pup members of the pack. While interesting to see from a distance, it is advised that this area remain free of paws.

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Pack News

NightHunters Wolfpack 08.04.2019
For many moonths it was uneventful. The pack settled in and began to thrive. Toward the end of the summer months, a series of severe thunderstorms rocketed Lunaria. Floods at all the lower elevations were rampant. Moonhaven was sparred at the base of the Rakesh mountains. Other wolves on the island begin seeking refuge in Moonvalley.

Snow, Temperance and Elodie go on a hunt! A family of boar is targeted by the hotspring but escapes into the forest. The hunting party is able to follow the scents but the hunt failed. Redirecting their attention the three were able to take down a young caribou! Ren and Snow have dug out and prepped the packs cache near the river side.

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Temperance, Arsene and Vexillian attempt to hunt a Young Moose. Sadly, the hunt was not successful.

The pack holds its very first Meeting! Meeting Log #1
OOC Discussion: Review of meeting etiquette/processs and attendance policy. Went over the current state and future of the forum/website and bot. New forum is live and updated character sheets must be filled out. Initiation is closed.
Promotions: Arsene and Temperance are made Alphas, Kazekeil is made Battalion, Elodie is made Keeper. Vexillian, Magnus, Nes'ryn, Snowand Nahele are made Packmembers.

Pack Website goes live!

Welcome Snow and Nes'Ryn!! IC: A hunt is held! Nahele, Nes'ryn, Kazekiel, Arsene and Ren target a Young Elk Arsene makes the final blow! Feast!

Nahele leads the group to MoonValley and the group settles in, claiming it as their new home!

The packs first hunt! Arsene, Zeke and Ren take on a boar. Zeke makes the killing blow! We welcome Vexillian as our newest packmate!

Zeke has caught up with the rest of the group.

The three decide to continue on over the thick ice sheet, leaving marks in the ice for Zeke to follow when he catches up! After a brutal venture across the ice- they arrive on Lunaria's western shore.

We welcome the pack bot Tsinga!

Zeke hangs back to ensure the group is not followed! The others make their way to the coast! Elodie digs a small den cave for them while Arsene and Ren search for food.

Channels are established and Character creation has begun!

The idea of NightHunters is planted in the minds of its founders.